How to change WordPress Plugin Settings?

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After installing the plugin of your choice, the next thing to do is navigate through the plugin menu and customize the available options.

Some plugins do not have additional settings, however, some plugins might have quite a few plugin customization options.

The functions you will get will be according to the plugin you install. You will get to know them once you start using them on your own.

For demonstration, we are going to show you some of the options in the WordPress SEO plugin – SEOPress.

SEOPress Plugin Settings – Example

After installing SEOPress, you will see a new ‘SEOPress’ menu on the dashboard sidebar menu. Also, it will add some quick options in the top notification bar of your admin area.

plugin settings seopress in menu and top bar
SEOPress plugin settings – menu and top bar

Most of the plugins have the plugin menu right on the dashboard. While some plugins have the sub-menu inside the Settings menu.

Now, if you hover over the SEOPress menu, you can see a list of sub-menus like Dashboard, Titles & Metas, XML – HTML Sitemap, etc.


First, you’ll see the Dashboard menu, where you can choose to get started with the plugin with a configuration wizard. There, you can also see notifications, news, and notices for SEO improvement.

plugin settings seopress dashboard menu
SEOPress plugin settings – dashboard menu

Titles & Meta

Similarly, on the Titles & Meta option, you get to customize the titles and meta descriptions for the home page, different post types, archive pages, taxonomies, etc. Also, there are more options like noindex, nofollow, noarchive, etc. made easy with checkboxes.

plugin settings titles & metas menu
SEOPress plugin settings – titles & metas menu


After that, you have the Sitemap menu. From there, you can generate and view XML sitemaps – the blueprint of your website that search engines use to discover your website faster. There you can choose to create sitemaps based on different factors – author, posts & pages, taxonomies, etc.

plugin settings sitemap menu
SEOPress plugin settings – sitemap menu

Social Networks

Next on the Social Networks menu, you get to connect your social media accounts to your website. Moreover, it lets you manage your website & business details and configure Facebook (Open Graph) and Twitter cards.

plugin settings social networks menu
SEOPress plugin settings – social networks menu


Next, under Analytics, it lets you connect to tracking tools like Google Analytics and Matomo. It will easily let you enter the tracking code of those tools. Also, it offers to enter the code of Google Ads and keep track of other activities like downloads, affiliate link clicks, etc.

plugin settings analytics menu
SEOPress plugin settings – analytics menu


Similarly, you can see the Advanced menu that offers more options like image SEO, optimizing URLs, verification for Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex, etc. You can also tune the appearance of SEOPress on the dashboard, and choose user access for the SEOPress menu.

plugin settings advanced menu on seopress
SEOPress plugin settings – advanced menu


At last, it has the Tools menu having different options like integration with page builders, importing/exporting SEO settings between website domains, importing SEO data from other SEO plugins, and resetting the SEO settings.

plugin settings tools menu seopress
SEOPress plugin settings – Tools Menu

These are just some of example of the additional settings. Check out our complete guide on How to Install and Setup SEOPress SEO Plugin if you are looking for a comprehensive guide.

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