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SEOPress Pro Course on how to master SEOPress Free and Pro plugin. Learn how to get more visitors, leads and conversions with the right setup and features.


Course Sample

Actual course video (sample video) – Course Introduction Video.


  • Become SEOPress Pro Power User
  • Make your content stand out with Schema and Structured Data
  • Control your website’s content visibility in Search Engines
  • Understand how various settings affect your Website’s SEO and Performance


  • WordPress Website Administrator
  • SEOPress Free and Pro plugins
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console Admin Access

Who is this For?

  • Beginner who want to become a WordPress SEO Ninja
  • Want to get the most out of SEOPress Plugin
  • Configure SEOPress the right way to get more visitors, leads and conversions

This is NOT for you IF

  • Already know a great deal about WordPress SEO and rank anything
  • Want to get rich quick with SEO and online marketing
  • Are not committed or do not have the time or patience to putting in the work

Why SEOPress Pro Course?

Following are some of the things you will accomplish* after taking the course.

1. Get more organic visitors

More Impressions = More Clicks = More Users = More Revenue Potential

Understanding how the entire search system works is a foundational requirement to ranking contents online.

We explain how Search Engines work and how SEOPress plugin helps your content rank in Google’s search engine results pages.

seopress pro course rank your content with confidence
From Zero to 3,000+ daily visitors (~100K monthly) from Google’s organic search results. It still amazes me everyday.

2. Learn how organic traffic benefits your website

More Visitors = More Ad Revenue = More Income

What can you do with more visitors to your website? Monetize it and allow Ad Networks to run ads on it.

One of our website with information content monetized with Google Adsense makes around $1,200+ per month. Cha-Ching!

3. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) with special Google Features

Actual course video (sample video) – Check out everything that is covered in the Schema and Structured Data section of the course in the intro video above.

Whats better than ranking your content in Google? Increasing the likelihood of people clicking on the content. Learn how to make your content stand out!

seopress pro course review snippet optimize content for rich snippet
Get Rich Snippet in Google and increase click-through-rate (CTR). I always wondered how I could get those – until I figured it out.

4. Make your content pop out in Social Media

Actual course video (sample video) – Check out how to setup Featured Images for Social Media using SEOPress in the video above.

Scroll stopping content in Social Media? Yup! Get the most out of the visual platforms by optimizing your content for Social platforms.

Facebook Creative Studio Mockup Desktop View
Social Media sites are visual platforms, learn how to make your web content visually appealing. Your content does not need to look boring and weird – make it pop out!

5. Be a smart SEO specialist

Actual course video (sample video) – Check out the benefit and step-by-step guide on how to bulk customize Meta Title and Description using SEOPress in the video above.

Time = Money!

Learn how to set automatic templates and have SEOPress Plugin remove manual tasks with dynamic SEO templates and Bulk Actions.

seopress pro course save time and money with bulk actions
Utilize Bulk Actions and Customization features to save time and money.

Here’s what our members have to say

The course is currently at pre-sale. Following are some of the reviews for from our users and well-wishers

Since I interacted with Ankit, he never ceased amazing me with his friendly, honest, professional, knowledgeable, down-to-earth problem-solving skills. Exceptional mindset and Became a trusted friend in the WordPress and Marketing arena!

Ruhani Rabin

Ankit is an extremely knowledgeable digital marketing specialist and SEO. He provides a clear plan to take your website to the next level, getting organic traffic and those wonderful conversions. Highly recommend!!

Joe Maracic

Ankit is a thorough professional you want on your team when it comes to Digital Marketing and WordPress. Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and punctual with a consistent ability to deliver on project goals. Highly recommend Ankit!

Nilesh Mathure


Course Contents

Check out the breakdown of modules and lessons included in the course –

seopress pro course thrivecart learn course dashboard overview
Member Dashboard – SEOPress Pro Course

Modules and Lessons

  • Introduction
    Introduction to the SEOPress Course, instructor introduction and course overview
    • Introduction to SEOPress Course
  • Installation and Activation
    Learn how to install and configure SEOPress Plugin the right way
    • Install and Activate SEOPress
    • Activate License for SEOPress Pro
    • Setup Wizard & Quick Configuration
  • Analytics and Tracking
    Learn how to setup and connect your favorite analytics or tracking platform with SEOPress
    • Google Analytics
    • Install other Tracking Pixels
  • Sitemap
    Learn how to create and configure your website’s sitemap for search engines
    • Create Sitemap
    • Control Content Visibility in Sitemap
    • Upload Sitemap to Google Search Console
  • On-Page SEO Features
    Learn how to optimize your content for Search Engines with On-Page optimization
    • SEOPress Universal Metabox
    • Set Meta Title and Descriptions in SEOPress
    • How to conduct SEOPress Content Analysis?
    • Featured Images for Social Media
    • Bulk Customize Meta Title and Description
    • Posts Dashboard Appearance Customizations
  • Redirections
    Learn how to create and setup various type of redirections easily with SEOPress
    • Setup 301 redirections
    • Monitor 404
  • Schema & Structured Data Markups with SEOPress
    Learn how to make your content stand out with schema markups and structured data
    • Local Business Schema with SEOPress
    • Implement Schema Markups
    • Reverse engineer featured snippets
    • Check and Validate Structured Data
  • Additional Settings and Features
    Explore other features and settings inside SEOPress
    • Social Networks
    • Instant Indexing
    • Advanced Features
    • Export or Import SEO Data from other SEO Plugins
  • Bonus
    You have questions? We have answers!
    Some of the most requested questions will be answered in video format and the content will be added as Bonus items

Frequently asked questions

The SEOPress Pro Course is $49 one time. However, we are currently running a SPECIAL Sale which is $39 instead of $49.

Your course account and login credentials will be created immediately after the purchase.

Most of the walkthroughs are done with SEOPress Pro installed.

It does NOT cover SEOPress Insights. We use external tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, SERanking etc for keyword research and rank tracking.

The walkthroughs are for SEOPress users. However, the strategies and insights are relevant to all SEO Plugins.

All our courses are hosted on ThriveCart Learn+ platform. The lessons are a mixture of Video, Texts and Images with captions.

You have lifetime access to the course content. Pay once and access forever.

Since the course content is digital content – there will be no refund for the course.

  • Earnings and results reported are only estimates of what we think might be possible, they are not guarantees.
  • There is no guarantee in the level of success or performance. There are many variables such as your industry, background, expertise and desire.
  • We live in an ever-changing world, there is no assurance that past results determines future success.
  • The effort and possible success is the responsibility of the user,, sponsors, affiliates are not liable for any success or failure of your business.
  • We are in no way associated with SEOPress, Google, or any other brands until and unless specified.

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