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Bulk Edit WP Data in SpreadSheet

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WP Sheet Editor Review

Ease of Use


The interface of the WP Sheet Editor is simple and straightforward, despite having lots of functions. It is super easy to get started - just map out the fields you’d like changed, add or edit the data and hit the save button.



WP Sheet Editor offers various modes for addressing common plugin issues and solving them. You can get in touch with the customer support team through email or chat even if you are a free user. Also, there are lots of tutorials, articles, and YouTube videos if you want to solve the issue by yourself.



WP Sheet Editor provides incredible value considering the features offered at that pricing for all plugins. While most of the plugins let bulk editing for WooCommerce products only, while it can do it for posts, pages, taxonomies, media, etc.


  • Free versions available for all 12 plugins with premium upgrade
  • Powerful plugin with lots of features
  • Saves a lot of time for big businesses and eCommerce websites
  • Seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins
  • Support for Polylang and WPML


  • Simple yet dated UI

Imagine having a website with thousands of products or custom post types – all needing the data to be entered manually. This would take too much time. What if you could import all your product feed data quickly and easily? Even better, what if you could edit multiple products on your website easily?

WP Sheet Editor is the plugin for you. It is a WordPress plugin that helps to add and edit all your WooCommerce products, WordPress posts, pages, media attachments, and Custom Post quickly using a spreadsheet.

WP Sheet Editor features a core plugin to edit WordPress posts and other addons that extends the functionality to products, pages, media attachments, and custom posts.

It creates editable spreadsheets with all the data on your WordPress pages, posts, products, comments, etc. And, you can edit it directly from there without having to go through each individual content on the WordPress editor.

This plugin comes in handy especially for large websites with hundreds to thousands of media, images, posts, pages, products, etc. that need continuous updates and handling. This allows website owners to save a lot of time.

WP Sheet Editor Video Review

WP Sheet Editor Features

WP Sheet Editor Free Features

  • Makes spreadsheet of pages, posts, WooCommerce Products, etc.
  • Includes editable data like title, content, status, excerpt, featured image, and more
  • Arrange spreadsheet in different orders
  • Edit 100s of post elements in bulk
  • Integration to WPBakery page builder for backend access right from the spreadsheet
  • View and edit simple WooCommerce product only
  • View product information
  • Edit product title, description, stock, price, etc.

WP Sheet Editor Premium Features

  • Edit all types of products
  • Edit all product fields i.e. 40+ fields
  • Multiple editors
  • Import edits from Excel or Google Sheets
  • Copy product variation from one product to multiples
  • Advanced searches with multiple fields and conditions
  • Apply math formula to WooCommerce products
  • Edit custom post types
  • Copy post information in bulk
  • Easy import and export
  • Money-back guarantee

WP Sheet Editor Pricing

Right now, WP Sheet Editor offers 12 different plugins, all having free and premium options. The premium versions start at $29.99 per year. If you buy the whole suite of the 12 plugins, it will cost you $99.99.

WP Sheet Editor Annual Pricing

Single$991 domain
4 Site$1694 domain
Unlimited$299Unlimited domains
WP Sheet Editor Pro Annual Pricing Overview

WP Sheet Editor Lifetime Pricing

Single$299.991 domain
4 Site$399.994 domain
Unlimited$499.99Unlimited domains
WP Sheet Editor Pro Lifetime Pricing Overview

WP Sheet Editor Discount & Coupon Code

40% OFF – All Access Plan (Code – PROMO22)

30% OFF – Individual Plugin

WP Sheet Editor Alternatives

1. WP All Import

WP All Import is one the best import export plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce with over 200,000 installations and 1,500 5-star reviews. It is one of the oldest import and export plugins allowing you to virtually import or export any data – including plugin data from a WordPress website.

2. Bulk Editing Plugins by PluginUs

PluginUs is a company that offers 2 bulk editing WordPress plugins – WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional (WPBE) and WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional (BEAR). WPBE is used for bulk editing of posts, pages, & custom post types, while BEAR is used for managing and WooCommerce editing WooCommerce product data.

3. ELEX WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes

This plugin by ELEX makes it easier to bulk edit multiple WooCommerce product fields like title, SKU, featured products, product type, description, and more, over 18+ fields. In addition, you can search, filter, and sort a list of products and edit the list of over 10,000 at once. However, this plugin is a bit costly than WP Sheet Editor.


WP Sheet Editor is useful for any kind of website that deals with a huge quantity of data such as an eCommerce store with product variations, directories, or a real estate website with many listings.

For large websites, regular maintenance, editing, and updating different data and components of websites can get redundant and inefficient.

Thus, WP Sheet Editor makes it easy to add or edit data sets of your posts, pages, products, etc. on a spreadsheet so that you can edit multiple of them easily and quickly.

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