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Complete WordPress Social Media Plugin

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WP Social Ninja Review

Ease of Use


WP Social Ninja is very easy to use. Whether you want to add social reviews, social feeds, or chat buttons for different platforms, you can do it with just a number of clicks.



WP Manage Ninja, the developer of WP Social Ninja provides awesome support to their customers. The users can submit their queries through support tickets, for which it has a dedicated support team for fast response. They also answer your questions from social media, but the response is slow.



You will be getting an incredible value with WP Social Ninja considering all of its abilities. Along with integrating social feeds, reviews, and chat triggers on your website, the freedom to design their layouts is completely yours.


  • Free version available
  • Affordable pricing
  • Useful for multiple social purposes
  • Templates to design layouts for all
  • Tons of platform support
  • Easy customization
  • Support for shortcode


  • Relatively new plugin
  • Has few pre-built templates

WP Social Ninja is a complete multipurpose WordPress plugin that adds multiple social features on your site. With WP Social Ninja, you get multiple features to display social media reviews, embed social feeds, and integrate chats from different platforms on your website easily.

This plugin helps import genuine customer reviews from platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, etc. for social proof. Also, you can import social feeds from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Moreover, you can easily integrate chat buttons of different social platforms so that users can initiate the chat.

WP Social Ninja Features

WP Social Ninja Free Features

Social Feeds features

  • Add feeds from Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Easy connection through direct login
  • Limited layout templates to social platforms
  • Customize the display layout for the feeds
  • Display up to 10 posts
  • Arrange posts in ascending or descending order
  • Display only images, videos, or all.
  • Open posts on the same line or on Instagram
  • Display or hide post caption
  • Display or hide account name at header
  • Add easily to any page with shortcodes

Social Review Features

  • Import reviews from Google My Business and Airbnb
  • Layouts customization options
  • Choose from 5 display templates
  • Display in ascending, descending, or random order
  • Show or hide rating
  • Customize rating style – number, star icon, or both
  • Show/hide reviewer name, image, platform, review title, review text
  • Choose content language
  • Display types for content – excerpt, full content, and full content in a scrollbar
  • Display/hide review date
  • Pagination options
  • Enable business schema
  • Enable auto syncing
  • Set time for checking new reviews

Chat Features

  • Available chat channel – Messanger
  • Basic templates to choose from
  • Edit chat profile name, caption, and image
  • Edit welcome message
  • Display/hide chat icon
  • Edit chat button text
  • Chat bubble position
  • Choose pages to display chat icon
  • Display chat icon by post type
  • Display or hide chat on mobile and desktop
  • Show chat popup with delay
  • Open chat in a popup window
  • Customize colors for chatbox background, title, caption, button, etc.

WP Social Ninja Premium Features

Social Feeds features

  • Show social feeds from Facebook
  • Connect to multiple accounts
  • Advanced layout types – carousel and masonry
  • Arrange posts – popular, least popular, random
  • Show posts by hashtags or words
  • Hide posts by hashtags or words
  • Open posts in a popup box
  • Display likes & comment count, post count, follower count, etc.
  • Enter custom profile photo, bio, etc.
  • Add the follow button
  • Pagination options

Social Review Features

  • Import reviews from Yelp, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Amazon, AliExpress, Booking.com, Facebook.
  • Display reviews from multiple sources at once.
  • Additional display templates
  • Filter by Include/Exclude, business, category, etc.
  • Display reviews with a minimum rating
  • Display review header
  • Customize header elements
  • Add custom reviews

Chat Features

  • 14 available chat channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, etc.
  • Advanced chat layout templates
  • Enable chat bubble
  • Edit chat bubble text and icon
  • Exclude pages to hide chat button
  • Show online and offline on chat

WP Social Ninja Pricing

Being a freemium plugin, WP Social Ninja offers a basic free version and premium versions starting at $79 per year.

WP Social Ninja Annual Pricing

Single$791 domain
Agency$24925 domains
Unlimited$399Unlimited domains
WP Social Ninja Pro annual license cost

WP Social Ninja Lifetime Pricing

Single$1981 domain
Agency$59820 domains
Unlimited$998Unlimited domains
WP Social Ninja Pro Lifetime license cost

WP Social Ninja Discount & Coupon Code

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WP Social Ninja Alternatives

1. Elfsight

Elfsight is not a plugin, instead is a software as a service solution (saas) for displaying social posts and reviews from multiple platforms. It offers different individual widgets for social feeds, reviews, chats, and many more.

2. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a popular plugin that’s used specifically for displaying social feeds on your website. It offers individual modules to lets you import posts from social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook groups. But, this plugin doesn’t offer social reviews and chat features.

3. WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews is a premium plugin that helps you display reviews on your WordPress website beautifully. You can import the reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Zomato, etc. and present them a single page or different individual pages. But, it lacks social feeds and chat features.


Although a relatively new plugin, WP Social Ninja is the complete social plugin for a WordPress website. It combines the best of 3 different plugins into a single robust one. It is created by the WpManageNinja team, the team that made WP Fluent Forms and Ninja Tables.

It’s the one-and-only option to carry out different functions like displaying social feeds, social reviews, and integrating chat buttons on your WordPress website. And, the best part of WP Social Ninja is the number of features you get the lowest of cost.

So, we recommend getting WP Social Ninja if you want to gain users’ trust with social reviews, display social posts beautifully, and let users connect with you with chats.

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