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Let’s face it – creating content takes a lot from you, especially if you publish on multiple media. You need to modify, optimize, and distribute content for each platform.

What if there’s a tool that can automatically transform and publish your content to fit wherever you want to publish it. Well, there is a powerful platform for your need, called Repurpose (

You just need to create and feed it to Repurpose. It will automatically generate and publish it to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and many more. And this will streamline your content creation, reduce workload, and ultimately grow your social following.

In this post, we are going to see the in-depth review of Repurpose with its overview features, pros, cons, and pricing. Let’s begin.

Repurpose Overview

The name – Repurpose is self-descriptive. It repurposes your digital content to make it ready to publish on different platforms, so you don’t have to do it manually. In fact, it automatically converts and publishes the content to the medium of your choice.

repurpose review repurpose home page
Home Page of Repurpose (

For example, you can select videos from your storage like Google Drive and publish them to different platforms like YouTube, Facebook groups, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

It has a clean and user-friendly dashboard, so you can set up the automation easily. You can start with selecting your content sources (from where you want to select the content) and destinations (to where you want to repurpose the content).

Similarly, you can choose the action, i.e. how you want to modify the content for publishing on the destination platform. It depends on the type of source content and the final platform where you want to publish. For instance, you can convert audio from podcast to video for uploading on LinkedIn.

Another great feature, it allows you to create or choose destination templates, choose formats, embed texts, add thumbnails, etc., depending on where you are publishing.

Repurpose Features

Now let’s discuss some of the best features of Repurpose.

Multiple Connections

As already mentioned, a source is from where you add your content for automation. Similarly, the destination is the platform where you post the source content after a certain action. The source and destination platforms are commonly called Connections in Repurpose.

repurpose review connections for sources and destinations
Multiple channels available for connection on Repurpose

Now, Repurpose provides multiple connections, so you can share content from many-to-many platforms.

Some of the connections available are:

  • Audio Podcast (source)
  • Video Podcast (source)
  • Soundcloud (Destination)
  • YouTube (Both)
  • Google Drive (Both)
  • Dropbox (Both)
  • Facebook (Both)
  • Zoom (source)
  • LinkedIn (Both)
  • Twitter (Destination)
  • Binge Network (Destination)
  • Instagram (Both)
  • WordPress (Destination)
  • TikTok (Both)
  • Pinterest (Destination)

Multiple Workflows

In simple words, a workflow is a process that creates a repurposing machine. It lets you select the source of content, transform it as you like, and post them on the desired platforms.

repurpose review interface for creating workflows
Create new Workflow on Repurpose

Repurpose offers you to create multiple workflows for automating your entire content repurposing process. As a matter of fact, you can create multiple workflows from a single source of content.

For example, you can set numerous individual workflows for content on Google Drive and post it across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with respective actions.

Or, you can perform a simple activity like reposting a video from Facebook to Twitter without any change.


You might have noticed that different social media platforms have their own dimensions. You can upload the same video or image to different platforms. But that would disrupt their appearance.

That’s why Repurpose has introduced the Templates. Besides defining the video dimensions, the templates also help you modify how they look. As a result, you can set the content exactly how you want them to look on your audiences’ devices.

repurpose review create new template
Choose the type and resolution for creating new template

The templates provide you adding different elements like headlines, subheadlines, static text, captions, progress bars, shapes, emojis, backgrounds, custom images, GIFs, etc. You can add these elements while creating workflows.

repurpose review interface for creating template
Interface for a new social media video template

Manual and Automatic Publishing

You might want to manually recheck everything before republishing content to other media. Or, after a point, you might want to leave everything on automation. Either way, Repurpose allows publishing content easily.

repurpose review automatic and manual publishing
Manual and automatic content publishing

Once you set the workflows, you just need to add content to your sources. Repurpose will automatically optimize them and publishes them to the different platforms for a steady content feed to your audience and followers.

Repurpose Pricing

Repurpose is a premium tool, however, offers a trial of 14 days for free. The free trial restricts you from using features like 10 content publishing at maximum, and no automatic publishing.

Anyway, the starter premium upgrade starts at $15 per month. And here are all other premium versions available for upgrade.

repurpose review pricing and plans
Repurpose pricing and plans
PlanMonthly Prices
Content Marketer$25
Agency$125 Monthly Pricing
  • Podcaster Plan: $15 per month | 8 platforms for connection | Single connection for each platform | Audio podcasts to videos | Videos to audios
  • Content Marketer Plan: $25 per month | 13 platforms for connection | Up to 5 connections for a single platform | Videos and live streams to full video clips | Insert headlines and captions
  • Agency Plan: $125 per month | 13 platforms for connection | Up to 20 connections for a single platform | Videos and live streams to full video clips | Insert headlines and captions

Repurpose Pros and Cons

Like all platforms, Repurpose also fall short in some aspects, despite its advantages. So, let’s see some Repurpose pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Helps grow social media
  • Automates content modification for different publishing platforms
  • Multiple platforms for connection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lets you different meta information for content
  • Allows basic titles, captions, and watermarks


  • Doesn’t repurpose image content
  • No automatic publishing feature on the free trial

Repurpose Alternatives

Now, let’s look at the alternatives of Repurpose.


Pictory is an AI-powered content creator that helps you create awesome video content for your audience. You can generate sharable content from long-form raw content using Pictory’s different editing techniques.

The tool allows you to convert scripts & blog posts into videos, edit videos using text, summarize long-form videos, etc., for repurposing them. Moreover, it also allows video adding captions, auto-transcribe videos, and many more. However, it lacks an automatic uploading feature as we saw in Repurpose.

When it comes to pricing, Pictory is comparatively expensive– costs $19 for the starting plan. But, you can also get its 15-day trial before starting.


ContentFries is the tool that can help you extract multiple short content pieces from a single lengthy one. It helps you get plenty of content that you can post or schedule on your social media platforms for weeks or even months.

The tool also helps make content meaningful by adding captions, intros, outros, logos, media, etc. Not only that, but you can also resize videos, multiply videos, add progress bars, and apply templates to speed up content production.

ContentFries is available at the starting price of $9, however, has limited storage and editor capabilities. It also offers a free plan for getting started. is primarily an all-in-one video marketing tool provided with live-streaming, video editing, and video hosting features. Plus you can smartly utilize it for repurposing your content as well.

It simply allows you to live streams to multiple channels at once for reaching more audiences. Moreover, you can use the editor to extract the best bits from your live stream. Add multiple elements like captions, watermarks, GIFs, stock assets, etc. to the clips and resize them to multiple formats to share on social media. Also, you can turn your live videos into podcasts to share them on appropriate platforms.

The tool offers a free plan with basic features, while the starting plan costs $16 per month paid annually.


Now let’s wrap this up. In this post, we saw how Repurpose takes a single content and optimizes it on different social media platforms. The best part, it automatically posts them on your destination platforms without your manual involvement.

If you are someone who has been spending lots of time publishing social media content, then is a must for you. It helps your content reach wherever your audience is and saves you a lot of precious time in the process.

Repurpose FAQs

Repurpose is a simple tool that can repurpose your digital content for making it ready to publish on different social media platforms. The tool optimizes and formats the content as per the platform you are publishing with the inputs and actions you feed.

Unfortunately, Repurpose doesn’t have a free plan. On the bright side, you can get a free trial of 14 days to see if the tool is right for you. With the free trial, you get to publish up to 10 videos on any destination platform. However, you will miss out on the automatic upload feature on it.

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