How to navigate the WordPress Media Library?

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Let us explore WordPress Media Library and the media management options available inside WordPress CMS.

To make your web pages and posts engaging and interactive, WordPress allows using different types of graphics, videos, and different types of files.

The media library is the one-stop WordPress media management solution that consists of a collection of all the images, GIFs, graphics, audios, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and other files you upload to WordPress.

Access WordPress Media Library

To access the media library, go to Media > Library from the WordPress admin area.

access wordpress media library from wordpress dashboard
Access WordPress Media library from WordPress Dashboard

Any type of media uploaded and hosted on your website’s content such as pages and posts will end up in here. Moreover, media can also be directly uploaded to the website through the Media Library.

wordpress media library dashboard
WordPress Media Library Dashboard

On the Media Library dashboard, you can add, edit, sort, filter, or delete any media.

Also, there are options to sort and filter the images and other media.

Let’s see some available options.

Media view Options

Firstly, you get to switch the media view i.e. how it appears there.

There are just two simple options –

List View: In this view option, you get to arrange and display the media items as lists.

Grid View: It’s the default option that makes the images appear as a square grid.

wordpress media library list view
WordPress Media Library Dashboard List View

Filter the Media Files

Next, you can filter the media based on file type.

On the options bar, you can see a dropdown menu labeled as ‘All media items’. Now, click on it and select the type of file you want to filter and display.

wordpress media library select media type
WordPress Media Library Select Media Type

In the example, we selected ‘Documents’ from the dropdown, so only the document files are displayed below.

wordpress media library filter media file
WordPress Media Library Filter By Media Type

Next, you can also filter the media files based on the uploaded date. You can either choose to display all the images or the images you uploaded in the current month.

wordpress media library filter by date
WordPress Media Library Filter By Date

Search Images and Other Media

You can also search images by entering their names. This would also make it easier to find files if you have them in large numbers.

To find the image, just enter the name of the image on the search box.

wordpress media library search box
WordPress Media Library Search Box
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