How to Insert an Image in Posts and Pages in a WordPress Website?

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Previously, we went through adding media files to the WordPress media library.

In this doc, we will go through

  1. uploading image media files directly from the WordPress pages and posts editor
  2. adding images to pages/posts from the media library within the pages and posts editor.

So, let’s begin.

Uploading Images to Posts or Pages

First, create a new or open a post/page that you want to add the image to.

If you want to add image media files to an existing post, go to Posts > All Posts. After that, hover over the post and click on Edit below it.

click edit on posts dashboard to open the post editor
Click Edit on Posts Dashboard to open the post editor

This will open the Gutenberg editor. Now, click on the Plus (+) button to browse the Gutenberg blocks. From the list, select ‘Image’.

select image gutenberg block wordpress media
Select the Image Gutenberg Block WordPress Media

Doing so will create the image block. Now, click on the Upload button to select the image from your local drive.

click on upload gutenberg page builder wordpress media
Click on Upload Gutenberg Block WordPress Media

After selecting the image, click on Open.

select image from local drive wordpress media
Select Image from Local Drive WordPress Media

The image now will be added to the post. Enter the appropriate caption, alt text, and make other customization for the image from the Block settings on the sidebar.

image added to post gutenberg page builder wordpress media
Image added to post Gutenberg page builder WordPress Media

That’s all. After you have done it, click on Update or Save Draft to save the post or page.

Adding Images from Library

Next, let’s see adding images to posts and pages from the media library.

The first few steps are the same as previous – create a new post/page or open an existing one where you want to add the image.

For demonstration, we are going to create a new post here.

add new post wordpress media
Add New Post WordPress Media

It will open the Gutenberg interface for editing the post. Now, click on the plus (+) button and choose the image block from the block library.

choose image block inside wordpress gutenberg page builder
Choose the Image block inside WordPress Gutenberg Page Builder

/image – choose image block from the block library

This will add the image block to the post. Now, click on Media Library.

click media library gutenberg page builder
Click Media Library Gutenberg Page Builder

It will open a new window on top of the page. Again from there, choose Media Library and select the image you want to add to the post.

You might want to give it a title, assign alt texts, and appropriate captions before clicking on the Select button.

select image to add from library wordpress media
Select Image to add from WordPress Media Library

After the image is added to the post or page, you can make the customizations on the image as you need.

After that, publish, update or save the post as draft to save the changes.

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Ankit S J B Rana

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