How to Edit Comments in WordPress Website?

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Next up, we will see how to edit WordPress comments. This capability is given only to only the WordPress admins, but not to other roles.

There are 2 ways to edit the comment – Edit and Quick Edit.

Let’s start with the simple Edit.

Editing a Comment

Step 1) Go to Comments from Dashboard

First, go to Comments from the WordPress Dashboard to reach the comment screen.

access wordpress comments dashboard wordpress comment settings
access WordPress comments dashboard

After that, hover over the comment you want to edit and click on the Edit link below it.

click on edit comment wordpress comment settings
click on edit comment

Step 3) Edit the Comment

Clicking on Edit will take you to the page to edit the comment.

comment editing user interface wordpress comment settings
comment editing user interface

As you can see, it allows you to edit the name, email, and URL of the comment author along with the actual comment itself.

To edit the comment, it offers different elements like bold, italic, link, blockquote, image, list, etc.

Next, you can also change the status of the comment – pending, approved, and spam. Or, you can also delete the comment.

change comment status wordpress comment settings
change comment status

Step 4) Update the Comment

After editing, click on the Update button to save the changes.

click update the comment wordpress comment settings
click update the comment

Quick Edit Comment

The Quick Edit makes it fast and easy to edit the comments.

Anyway, let’s see editing the comment with Quick Edit.

Step 1) Click on Quick Edit

First, hover over a comment and click on Quick Edit below it.

click on quick edit comment wordpress comment settings
click on quick edit comment

It will open the editing interface on the same window without reloading the page.

Step 2) Edit the Comment

Now, you can edit the comment along with the comment author’s name, email, and URL.

quick edit comment interface wordpress comment settings
quick edit comment interface

Step 3) Click on ‘Update Comment’

After you have completed editing, click on the Update Comment button to save the changes.

click on update comment wordpress comment settings
click on update comment

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