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Presto Player Review Summary


Ease of Use Rating

It is easy to get started and implement Presto Player right from the Gutenberg editor. Moreover, stylizing and customizing the player is intuitive and well thought of.


Support Rating

Presto Player is a premium product and provides premium support service. The product is relatively simple and straightforward and does not require support in most of the cases.


Value Rating

Presto Player is an amazing solution to rank your Videos on Search Engines and increase earnings. However, the 25 site activation for the pro version is on the lower end.


  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Multiple Video Sources
  • Easy to Use
  • Allows Call to Action (CTA)
  • Video Chapters
  • Private Videos
  • Highly Customizable
  • Video Analytics
  • Email Opt-in and Gated Content
  • Integrations to Email Providers


  • No Free version
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Low site activations

Presto Player is a WordPress video player plugin designed to enhance video experiences on WordPress websites and rank videos on search engines.

It offers features like creating playlists, supporting multiple video sources, a sleek audio player, and a sticky video player.

The plugin also provides video chapter support, analytics, email opt-in gates, and is tailored for marketers, course creators, and podcasters.

It facilitates easy navigation, protects course content, and is compatible with various video hosting providers. Additionally, it includes features like lead capture, muted autoplay, multiple source support, and Google Analytics integration.

Presto Player Features

Presto Player offers a range of features for enhancing video and audio experiences on WordPress websites. These include:

  • Muted Autoplay: Captures visitor attention immediately with muted autoplay and captions.
  • Action Bar: Prompts viewers to take action at different points in the video.
  • Lead Capture: Generates leads through videos with email capture options.
  • Call To Action: Encourages viewer action with text and button overlays.
  • Automation Integrations: Tags contacts based on viewing behavior.
  • Focus Mode: Pauses videos when they are not actively watched.
  • Playlists & Video Chapters: For easy navigation and a Netflix-like experience.
  • Saved Position & Preferences: Remembers where viewers left off.
  • Viewer Tracking: Tracks student or viewer engagement.
  • Private Videos & Audio: Secures content for specific viewers.
  • LMS & Membership Integrations: Integrates with learning management systems.
  • Transcript Timestamps: For easy podcast navigation.
  • Custom Controls: Tailors the player to specific needs.
  • YouTube Subscription Bar & Sticky Player: Enhances blog video experiences.
  • Page Loading Performance & Google Analytics: Improves site performance and tracks viewer insights.
  • SEO Integrations: Enhances video content discoverability.
  • Dynamic Content & Page Builder Modules: Supports complex projects and works with various page builders.
  • Flexible Shortcode Option: Offers power and flexibility for video integration.

Presto Player Pricing

Presto Player is a premium plugin that is currently selling both annual and lifetime licenses starting $79 for 1 site license annually.

Presto Player Annual Pricing

The annual pricing of Presto Player is $79 for starter plan which allows the plugin to be activated in 1 site. The Pro plan is $119 per year which can be activated in 25 sites.

Starter$991 domain
Pro$14925 domains
Presto Player Annual Pricing

Presto Player Lifetime Pricing

The lifetime pricing of Presto Player is $399 for 25 domains. There is a split payment option available for 3 monthly installments which comes to $139 x 3 months.

Pro$49925 domains
Presto Player Lifetime Pricing

Presto Player Discount & Coupon Code

There is a special Discount going on for Preston Player with the following details –

presto player best wordpress video player plugin price review summary alternative -20%
Presto Player Discounted Deal
$79 $99
14 Days Money Back Guarantee

– Multiple Video Sources
– Secure Private Videos
– Video Presets
– Unlimited Video Chapters
– Remember Viewer Settings
– Sticky Video Player
– Analytics Dashboard
– One Year Support & Updates
– Pro Helpdesk Support

1. YouTube Embed

The “YouTube Embed” WordPress plugin offers a simple and efficient way to embed YouTube videos into WordPress sites. It allows for the creation and playback of custom playlists, dynamic video sizing for responsive sites, and compatibility with various WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality.

The plugin also supports SEO-friendly features by adding Google-compatible metadata to video outputs.

I originally used YouTube Embeds, then switched to Presto Player because of its ease to use, customizable player and sleek design.

2. Videopack

The “Videopack” WordPress plugin, previously known as “Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator,” enhances video capabilities in WordPress.

It offers features like generating video thumbnails, creating responsive video players, and supporting multiple video resolutions.

The plugin can automatically select the best video resolution based on player size or user preference and allows manual resolution selection.

It supports server-based FFMPEG for advanced features like automatic thumbnail generation and format conversion.

Videopack also enables the creation of popup video galleries and is extendable with a premium add-on for video advertisements.

However, it’s not compatible with the WordPress Block Editor, requiring the Classic Editor instead.

3. Easy Video Player

The “Easy Video Player” plugin for WordPress is a user-friendly tool for embedding videos on a website. It supports embedding MP4 and HTML5 videos, is responsive for mobile devices, and allows for various customization options like autoplay, loop, and muted playback.

The plugin supports embedding videos with poster images and customizable player sizes. Additionally, it uses the MediaElement player and offers options for player ratio control and video player templates. The plugin is easy to set up with shortcodes for embedding videos and is open-source software.


We all know that WordPress websites are great for SEO and Google loves websites built on WordPress. Moreover, we also know the power of video embeds on WordPress websites.

The combination of Video Embeds + WordPress website has been a timeless strategy to outranking competitors on search engine result pages.

However, since late 2023, Google has been acting differently to content embedded on WordPress sites if they’re not done properly. My video pages were getting de-indexed and Google Search Console was throwing the “Video Outside Viewport” error.

I searched online for a few solutions mentioned in the alternative plugins above and then I settled for Presto Player.

Presto Player is polished, clean, full of feature yet simple UI to showcase your video contents the right way on your website.

Most importantly, after implementing YouTube video embed’s using Presto Player – the video contents on my website has been re-indexed by Google and this website’s content is back on the search engine result pages.

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