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Best User Engagement, Quiz, Calculator, Survey Tool

Would you like to make your website stand out? Make it more engaging? Would you like to convert your audience to engaged customers in a fun and interactive way? Then is one of the best tools out there. is a tool that creates quizzes, payment forms, surveys, calculators, lead pages, etc. on your website easily. With hundreds of templates and fully customizable drag-and-drop builders, it is easy to get started.

Let’s dive deeper into along with its features, pros, cons, pricing, and alternatives. Overview is a robust tool that helps create engaging and interactive content to win visitors’ attention, increase visitors’ engagement, and generate leads.

involve me review home page home page

It is useful for various purposes like lead generation, product recommendations, creating sales funnel giveaways, collecting feedback, etc.

You can create different types of content like quizzes, surveys, forms, payment pages, and even advanced content like web calculators, personality tests, link tests, etc. Create everything on the web application and add them easily to your website with embed codes.

The ease of using the drag-and-drop builder interface means you do not need to code at all. So, a non-techy person can also use this no-code tool without any problem.

involve me review drag and drop builder
Content editor interface of makes it easy to create content

Moreover, offers over 200 templates to choose from and designs to create gamified content of your choice within minutes.

Also, the content is fully customizable so that you can match them with your brand colors and assets.

In addition, you get access to email marketing tools for lead generation, nurturing leads, and notifying your customers.

With the visual analytics dashboard, you can visualize the data of your campaigns. So, you know what’s working and what’s not.

What’s more interesting about is that the content smartly adjusts for each user depending on their previous input and preferences.

With more features like integrations, unlimited projects, data export, redirects, trackers, etc., is a widely used tool for the creation of engaging content. Features

Now, let’s look at the features of in detail.

The abundance of Templates and Designs offers lots of templates for letting you create a variety of content for your lead generation, marketing, or customer retention projects.

involve me review content templates templates

You can also start from scratch as well. However, the templates work as a guideline that helps you with creating the content easily and help you get started quickly. Just pick one and start editing.

The templates are completely customizable – you can edit the designs with colors, logos, fonts, etc. to create completely unique content that also matches your brand.

Moreover, you can also add other elements like images, dropdowns, sliders, buttons, text boxes, images, social icons, and so much more as your project requires.

Content Editor

The content editor offers a visual drag-and-drop editor to create engaging content with ease. This means you don’t need a developer to create advanced and engaging content.

involve me review content editor
Drag-and-drop content editor in

On the content editor dashboard, you can see there are over 20 elements like multiple choices, image choices, dropdown, rating, sliders, buttons, file uploads, video, etc. that can be dragged and dropped on the content canvas effortlessly.

Each element has its own settings and configurations for further advanced design. For example, the element ‘Rating’ has configurable options like question text, shapes (stars, hearts, likes,), amount and sizes of the shapes, etc. that you can use accordingly.

In addition, it offers design options as well. You can tweak their alignments, fonts, sizes, colors, styles, visibility, background images, border sizes & shapes, etc.

Unlimited Everything

Unlike other tools, gives you unlimited access to everything. There’s no limit on the number of content you can create.

All you need to have is the account of, doesn’t matter if you are using a free plan or a paid one. You get access to creating unlimited projects with unlimited questions, forms, pages, and so on.

In addition, there’s no limit on the number of content you can embed on your website, and allows limitless visitors the content.

Content Elements

There are lots of content elements that can be added to the editor canvas and further be customized as required.

Some of the content elements you can add are –

  • Multiple choices: It gives users multiple choices and lets them select 1 or multiple options. You can also give an explanation for the answer and give instant feedback.
  • Image choices: You can also add images as the options for your quizzes. The images can have a square, circle, or no shape, and they can be placed in a vertical, horizontal, or grid layout.
  • Dropdown: Create a dropdown menu with several choices and placeholders.
  • Rating: Add a rating element to let users rate your products, services, or business with visual shapes like stars, hearts, or likes.
  • Button: Add a button to link the next page, redirect users to a new URL, open email, etc.
  • File Upload: Use this element if you require users to upload their files like PDFs, documents, images, videos, etc. You can specify the size, type, and the number of files submitted.
  • Video: You can easily embed the videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc., or add a self-hosted video file.
  • Social share: Users can share their content on social media easily with a single click.
  • Score: It helps you show the number of correct answers or the total score from the quiz.
  • Timer: It helps you add a timer to allocate the completion time for the quizzes. Also, you can customize actions and triggers after time up.
  • Calculator: Build advanced calculators with various variables and operators with users’ answers.

Moreover, some other elements that you can add are date and time picker, slider, checkbox, headline, contact info, free text, images, social links, coupon codes, payment forms, and hidden fields.

Team and Project Management provides the flexibility to manage and control workspaces and team members. Adding multiple team members to create content, organize projects, and work in a collaborative environment can be done easily within the admin dashboard.

involve me review workspace and projects
Workspaces and projects on the dashboard

Firstly, you can set up multiple workspaces to organize your projects when you have a lot of them. This helps you find the content easily and share it with your clients or team members easily.

Moreover, you can assign team members to specific workspaces with the ability to view or edit the projects.


Data and contacts between several different platforms can be synced easily with since it comes packed with tons of integrations and webhook functionality.

Mainly, provides integrations for email marketing platforms, payment gateways, project management, data import, CRM, and tracking tools.

Namely, here are some of the popular integrations.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Drip
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Zapier
  • Webhooks
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Mollie
  • Square
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager Pricing

To your surprise, offers a free plan. With the free plan, you get access to 100 user submissions and partial submissions, theme customization, 200+ design templates, analytics, custom languages, basic Google Analytics tracking, and more.

involve me review free plan
Free plan of

When it comes to paid options, it has 3 premium plans starting from $19 per month paid annually.

involve me review premium plans and pricing paid plans and pricing

Now, let’s see the breakdown of pricing and plans.

Free: $0 | unlimited projects | 100 submissions | 1 user | 100 MB storage | Basic Tracking

Starter: $19 per month | unlimited projects | 1,000 submissions | 1 user plus additional purchase option | 500 MB storage | Advanced Tracking

Professional: $49 per month | unlimited projects | 5,000 submissions | 1 user with additional purchase option | 2 GB storage | Advanced Tracking

Business: $149 per month | unlimited projects | 15,000 submissions | 3 users with additional purchase | 5 GB storage | Advanced Tracking Pros and Cons

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of


  • Easy to use
  • Offers a free plan and free trial of premium plans as well
  • Multiple content types
  • Detailed customization
  • 200+ templates
  • Great user personalization for tests, surveys, and quizzes
  • Advanced quizzes builder
  • Mobile friendly


  • More templates can be added
  • Limited features, uploads, and submissions on the free plan
  • Embedded calculators can increase the website loading time Alternatives


Outgrow is a platform that helps you create interactive and personalized content that users love. It offers to create quizzes, calculators, assessments, recommendations, polls, chatbots, giveaways, and survey forms. Aimed at engaging users, it helps in increasing leads and growing your sales.

Since it doesn’t require coding, anyone can create any type of content with ease. Plus, the available templates help you create the content and publish it within minutes.

When it comes to the cost, it starts at $14 per month. However, it limits you in content types and number of content unlike

Interact Quiz Maker

Interact Quiz Maker is a dedicated online quiz creating a tool for non-techies. It helps you collect leads, know your audience, personalize marketing, and most importantly engage users.

It offers 100s of completely customizable quiz templates to create quizzes with ease. Also, you can add colors, logos, and designs matching your brand.

You can get Interact Quiz Maker for free with basic quiz creation and designing features. Or, you can go for the paid options starting at $17 per month for advanced lead capture, branding, integrations, and tracking features.


In conclusion, is the best all-in-one user engagement, quiz, calculator, survey Tool.

You can create different types of content like quizzes, personality tests, calculators, forms, surveys, etc. for lead generation, product recommendation, sales funnel, coupons, giveaways, feedback, onboarding & cancellation flow, and lots of other applications.

If you own a marketing agency, eCommerce, service industry, or product business, then is one of the best conversion boosting tools that you can have. FAQs is a freemium tool, meaning it offers a forever free plan along with paid plans as well. To be exact, it has 3 premium plans that fit the need of different sizes of businesses. The starting cost is $19 per month paid yearly.

Yes, lets you create different types of quizzes – lead generation, shoppable, classroom, employee assessment, and marketing agency quizzes. Along with that, the quiz has advanced features like multiple outcomes, scores, multimedia choice answers, and more. is a robust platform for creating a variety of types of engaging content. You can display personalized results to the users based on their interactions and picks. All in all, it helps your business growth by lead generation, building sales funnels, recurring payment pages, onboarding flow, feedback, surveys, etc.

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