WordPress Black Friday Deals 2023

Tired of super long Black Friday deal list that does not make sense?

Here’s a simple list with list of tools that we personally use and love – but at great discounts specially on Black Friday!

This page is being updated daily until Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check-in regularly to find the latest deals.

The Must Haves

Everyone needs to start somewhere. If you are just starting with WordPress, then the following are some of the best deal to get you started with WordPress.

These include essential plugins for SEO, Themes, Contact form and Gutenberg block plugins.

Hosting – Cloudways

Everyone WordPress website needs a decently good and reliable host. I understand if your site is a hobby project and want to host it on a shared host, but if you’re serious, look at Cloudways. Great speed, great performance and awesome add-on deal on Cloudflare enterprise.

Also also, all that optimization plugin – it can’t fix a bad host, so get a decent hosting service provide before you start looking into caching plugins.

Theme – Blocksy Theme

Just like hosting, every WordPress website needs a theme. Blocksy is a well design, well coded, fast, responsive and highly customizable theme. But how about Astra? or Kadence? Great but you don’t want updates to break your site do you? The others themes aren’t just up there in terms of performance and quality standard.

SEO Plugin – SEOPress Pro

If you’re using a WordPress website, most likely its because of the SEO benefits. However, WordPress by default does not come with a SEO Plugin. Yeah Yeah, there’s RankMath, Yoast etc, but if you’re looking for the simplest, lightweight and easy to use SEO Plugin – I’d go with SEOPress.

Get started with the free version and then upgrade to Pro – which again, does not cost an arm or a leg.

SEOPress Pro Course – The only SEOPress Pro Course available online by yours truly

Well, well, well… alright, so lets say you have SEOPress but did you setup your options correctly? Is a setting switched on/off to prevent your website from performing well? Well for that – I have this awesome free tutorial.

However, if you want to be even better than that, save time managing your website’s SEO and do a whole lot of fancy things you’d never imagined – then check out my course. It’s awesome, cheap and 1000% worth it.

Gutenberg Blocks – Kadence Blocks Pro

Well, after you have your hosting, theme, you need to create content – visually impressive and visually engaging content. This is where Kadence blocks comes in. The default WordPress blocks aren’t that feature rich or beautiful to create the website of your dreams, so do yourself a favor and get Kadence Blocks. Then i’d look at Greenshift blocks plugin.

The following offer listings is made with Greenshift WP Plugin.

Cloudways 40% OFF 🤗

40% off for 4 months on all hosting plans + 40 free migrations

Blocksy Theme up to 40% OFF 🤗

The Most Innovative, Lightning Fast And Feature Rich WordPress Theme

I use Blocksy in all my websites. It is better than Kadence Theme or Astra Theme, because nothing breaks with every new update. Also, it handles custom post types like a boss.
Enter coupon code BFCM2023 during checkout

Kadence Blocks Pro up to 40% OFF 🤗

Feature Rich Toolkit for Gutenberg Blocks

40% off all new subscriptions. 24% off for existing customers that wish to renew early.
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

SEOPress Pro + Insights Over 33% OFF 🤗

My favorite WordPress SEO Plugin.
Simple, lightweight and easy to use.

Buy SEOPress PRO + Insights for $99 instead of $148! More than 33% off! Most affordable SEO plugin on the market. Renewal at the same price!
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

SEOPress Pro Course 40% OFF 🤗

The only SEOPress Pro Course Available online!

Master SEOPress Free and Pro plugin. Learn how to get more visitors, leads and conversions with the right setup and features.
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

The Best Bundles

Working in WordPress can be scalable and profitable. Every WordPress Ninja needs a suite of tools and following are some of the best bundles that does everything all you need with WordPress.

You might need one bundle, or two or all – its up to your needs. I have them all, just like Pokemons – Gotta catch ’em all.

Crocoblock Bundle

Once you start getting smart with WordPress, you’ll start pushing boundaries by creating all sort of fancy stuff. All WordPress fancy stuff starts with Custom Post Types. If you’re looking for an All-In-One Toolkit for Custom Post Types and freaking amazing websites – then Crocoblock it is.

Kadence Bundle

If you’re a publisher and wanting to have the best toolkit in your arsenal as a publisher, then the Kadence Bundle is what you need. Great suite of plugins for simple static sites or dynamic sites – clean look, you get it all with Kadence… well except Custom Post Type creation, for that i’d still recommend Crocoblock.

GreenShift Bundle

Want to make fancy offer boxes like in this page, or want to up your visual game or have other fancy things on your site – look no further than Greenshift.

WPSheetEditor Bundle

When you’ve reached the ultimate WordPress Builder Jedi Master level, you’ll need to move towards efficiency – meaning saving time. WPSheetEditor is your friend that can save you time and money by helping you import/export content in bulk, so you can finally go on that fancy candle light dinner date that you’ve finally deserve.

Crocoblock up to 40% OFF 🤗

Toolkit for building dynamic WordPress sites for any niche.

Create custom post types, dynamic websites. This suite of plugin basically is a powerup for your WordPress website.
Enter coupon code bfcroco2023 during checkout

Kadence Full Bundle up to 40% OFF 🤗

Great for agencies, developers, and eCommerce sites.

40% off all new subscriptions. 25% off for existing customers that wish to renew early.
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

GreenShift Bundle 33% OFF 🤗

Build astonishing elements and animations directly on page without any code knowledge
– Extremely Fast
– Customize Everything
– Animation Framework
Read full review
Enter coupon code GREENBLACK23 during checkout

WP Sheet Editor – All Access Plan 35% OFF 🤗

Bulk Edit WP Data in SpreadSheet
35% OFF All Access Plan.
Read full review
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link. Scroll down to All Access Plan.

The Good to Have

I’m not sure about you, but following are some of the plugins that I use on pretty much all of my websites.

Fluent Forms – Every website needs a contact form that does more than just a contact form, and also integrates with many CRMs. This is a great plugin by a fantastic team, so I highly recommend it.

Adsanity – I’m in the business of content publishing where I generate revenue through display ads, and Adsanity is a great plugin to manage various types of ads on the website easily and help keep it organized. Also, since I’m not sharing ads revenue through a third party ad placement platform, I get to keep all my revenue.

WP Social Ninja – Google loves Social Signals, so do I and my website visitors. With this nifty plugin, I can cover all my socials, mostly YouTube videos. It helps me easily embed and place content on my site.

Ninja Tables – Do you have complex data that you want to showcase in your site easily? Or how about showing Google Sheets data in WordPress without making regular changes on the backend of the WordPress website? Ninja Tables does it all for you.

Fluent Forms Over 40% OFF 😮

Grab the most lightweight WordPress form plugin and unlock possibilities
– 60+ Input Fields
– 75+ Prebuilt Form Templates
– 40+ Integrations
– Signature add on
– Step Forms
– Conversational Forms
– Quiz Module
– PDF add on
– Payment Options
– Survey Options
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

Adsanity Over 30% OFF 😮

Manage your own ads and network hosted ads with AdSanity at a massive discount. Get up to 30% off on AdSanity All Plans
Enter coupon code ADJINGLE30 during checkout

WP Social Ninja Over 40% OFF 😮

Explore social networking with the most versatile WordPress social media plugin
– 10+ Social Review Platforms
– 15+ Social Chat Platforms
– In-depth Filters
– Chat Widget Settings
– Notification popup
– Sorting features
– Custom reviews
– 18+ Pre-built Template
– 4+ Social Feeds Platforms
– Post and Feed Settings
– Search Engine Accessible
– Third-party integrations
– Popular page builders
– Schema snippets
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

Ninja Tables Over 40% OFF 😮

Get Ninja Charts Add-on with Ninja Tables for effortless data representation.
– Drag & Drop
– WooCommerce Integration
– Media Attachment
– Table Coloring and Styles
– Value Transformation
– Google Sheets Integration
– Merge and Split
– Stackable Table Configuration
– Frontend Editing
– Data Calculations
Coupon is applied automatically when you click on the link

Third Party Deals

WordPress is all about the open community and sharing – so here’s all the other deals that were submitted by the WordPress Community to our website.

The following table is made with Ninja Tables synced to Google Sheets.

WordPress Black Friday Deals

NameDeal CategoryTaglineRegular PriceDiscounted PricingPercentage DiscountStart DateFinish DateDiscount Coupon CodeDeal Link
AmeliaPluginWordPress Appointments and Events Booking Plugin.$689$414702023-11-13 0:00:002023-12-15 0:00:00Learn More
wpDataTablesPluginTables & Charts Wordpress Plugin$109$55702023-11-13 0:00:002023-12-15 0:00:00Learn More
Nexcess Managed WordPress HostingHosting75% off 4 months of new WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento plans$21$5752023-11-01 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00BF23SAVE754MOLearn More
The Plus Addons for ElementorPluginBest 120+ Elementor Widgets & Extensions to Enhance the Functionality of the Elementor Page Builder.$499$300402023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00Pre AppliedLearn More
The Plus Blocks for GutenbergPlugin85+ Unique Widgets & Extensions to Enhance the Functionality of the Default Gutenberg Editor.$499$300402023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00Pre AppliedLearn More
YayPricingPluginYayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is the plugin that assists you in creating variety types of discounts for your WooCommerce store with simple clicks.$79$49802023-11-01 0:00:002023-12-20 0:00:00YAYBFCM80Learn More
Creativo ThemeThemeCreativo is a Premium MultiPurpose Theme that allows you to create beautiful WordPress sites without writing a single line of code.$199$39702023-11-17 0:00:002023-12-11 0:00:00Learn More
CrocoblockBundleToolkit for building dynamic WordPress sites for any niche.$199$119402023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00bfcroco2023Learn More
Beaver BuilderPluginBeaver Builder is the best WordPress page builder to help you build websites and landing pages in minutes.$99$74252023-11-01 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00Learn More
WP Booking SystemPluginWP Booking System is a powerful online booking system for your daily rental business.$59$35402023-11-24 0:00:002023-11-26 0:00:00BF2023Learn More
MonsterONE Lifetime PlanOthersMonsterONE is a comprehensive subscription-based platform that provides access to a wide array of premium digital assets, including website templates, graphics, stock photos, video templates, and more.$749$439402023-11-24 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00Auto-appliedLearn More
WP GuidantPluginBetter purchasing experience always matters for the growth of your WooCommerce sales.$69$39402023-11-14 6:00:002023-12-05 6:00:00auto appliedLearn More
WP DarklupPluginTurning on the dark mode has become the new trend in the current digital world.$48$19602023-11-14 6:00:002023-12-05 6:00:00auto appliedLearn More
WP CompressPluginWP Compress is a powerful, all-in-one performance plugin that instantly fixes slow loading websites!$1,080$69932023-11-12 0:00:002023-12-05 0:00:00BLACKFRIDAYLearn More
KinstaHostingHigh-performance, secure and scalable managed WordPress Hosting.$35$24332023-11-08 0:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00not needed, applied automaticallyLearn More
Extra Product Options (Custom Addons) for WooCommercePluginCustomize your WooCommerce Product pages with the best plugin having a lot of customizing options$39$27302023-10-25 0:00:002023-11-27 0:00:00BFCM30Learn More
Checkout Field Editor & Manager for WooCommercePluginStreamline your WooCommerce Checkout process with seamless customizable options.$39$27302023-10-25 0:00:002023-11-27 0:00:00BFCM30Learn More
FastPixelPluginFastPixel is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that automatically applies all the optimizations you can think of to make a website faster.$30$15502023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-27 0:00:00Auto-AppliedLearn More
ShortPixelPluginShortPixel is the gold standard for WordPress image optimization.$69$35502023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-27 0:00:00Auto-AppliedLearn More
WPManageNinjaPluginThe smartest WordPress business plugins you deserve$0-$3502023-11-15 0:00:002023-12-02 0:00:00Auto-appliedLearn More
SEOPress Pro + InsightsPluginSimple, fast and powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. Now with AI.$148$99332023-11-22 0:00:002023-11-29 0:00:00Learn More
DJ Extensions - Unlimited PlanPluginIt gives an access to all WordPress themes and plugins storewide.$197$99502023-11-20 0:00:002023-11-29 0:00:00BLACK23Learn More
Acowebs - Woocomerce PluginsPluginSupercharge Your eCommerce Stores with our feature-rich and lightweight WooCommerce plugins$0$30302023-11-22 1:00:002023-11-30 0:00:00Auto appliedLearn More
WISDM Learndash ProductsPluginWisdm LearnDash products will ease your WordPress backend clutter, simplify group management, empower you with advanced analytics, and offer a user-friendly frontend dashboard and much more to make your backend intuitive.$320$101702023-11-24 0:00:002023-12-07 0:00:00Learn More
Product Layouts for WooCommercePluginFurnish your Woo store with Product Layouts for WooCommerce$599$359402023-11-15 0:00:002023-11-28 0:00:00auto applyLearn More

This page is being updated daily until Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check-in everyday to find the latest deals.

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