Schema Pro Review

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Schema Pro Review Summary


Ease of Use Rating

Schema Pro makes it very easy to create and add markup data to WordPress. With the simple interface and in a matter of few clicks, you can automate the structured data into your pages.


Support Rating

Schema Pro’s parent company, i.e. Brainstorm Force provides good support to its paid customers. Users can submit a ticket to access the premium support. Or, there’s detailed documentation with helpful articles.


Value Rating

For foundational Schema, SEO plugins like SEOPress offers it in their Pro version and comes with many features. In that aspect, Schema Pro seems a little costly compared to its competitors. However, the ease of use and features it offers are hard beat. Thus, the value for the price spent on it is reasonable.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Allows adding schema with few steps
  • Affordable pricing
  • Supports major types of schema


  • Need to understand and have a prior understanding of Schema
  • No free version

Schema Pro is a powerful and standalone WordPress plugin for applying schema markups (structured data) on a WordPress website. Schemas and Structured data help Google to understand your website’s content better and display rich snippets on search results pages. Moreover, due to the implementation of structured data, usually the click-through rate and visibility of websites increase on SERPs.

With 13 different types of rich snippets, you can use them for displaying rich snippets of data for reviews, events, articles, services, recipes, courses, etc. On top of that, it’s easy to use, allows automation, gives output as Google guidelines, and supports custom fields.

Schema Pro Features

  • Easy implementation
  • Display freedom rules
  • Advanced schema types
  • Lightweight and optimized codes
  • Schema markup automation
  • Supports 13 rich snippets
  • ACF compatible
  • Display rules freedom
  • Live schema testing
  • Product updates
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Documentation for reference
  • JSON-LD output complying Google’s guidelines
  • Supports custom fields

Schema Pro Pricing

The cost of Schema Pro starts at $63.

Schema Pro pricing starts at $63 for unlimited domains per year. Schema Pro also currently offers a lifetime pricing starting $249 for unlimited domains.

Schema Pro Annual Pricing

Schema Pro$79Unlimited domains
Brainstorm Force Growth Bundle$249Unlimited domains
schema pro annual license cost

Schema Pro Lifetime

Schema Pro$249Unlimited domains
Brainstorm Force Growth Bundle$699Unlimited domains
schema pro Lifetime license cost

Schema Pro Discount & Coupon Code

There’s no active coupon code for Schema Pro. We’ll add it when it’s available.

Schema Pro Alternatives

1. Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets

This is a schema plugin that helps your website appear beautifully on Google’s SERPs. It’s another plugin from Brainstorm Force and it’s available for free. It allows applying schema like review, events, articles, recipes, etc. to every page or post easily.

2. WP Product Review

WP Product Review is a free plugin for enabling product reviews for your products on WordPress websites. Primarily, it let users comment and do reviews on your products. Besides, you get the ability to create top review widgets, add download buttons, and nonetheless, add rich snippets in SERPs.

3. Schema App Structured Data

This plugin allows creating automatic markups to your pages and posts to possibly display rich snippets on Google. Another benefit, it provides site structure features like Breadcrumbs, site link search-box, and site name. It supports 9 different schema types.


Schema Pro is the most widely used plugin for adding schema on WordPress websites and displaying rich snippets on SERPs.

If you are a marketer or a website owner looking for growth, then Schema Pro is the best tool for you. It lets adding important data about pages so that Google would understand better. Moreover, it displays the information beautifully on search results making it more clickable.

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