AppSumo Briefcase Review – Save over 30% in AppSumo Purchase!

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UPDATE – AppSumo has decided to discontinue the AppSumo Briefcase program since Mid-September. Members who have AppSumo Briefcase can continue accessing their account and get benefits until January 2021.

No New sign-ups are allowed.

All the tools in your Briefcase account are supposedly going to your Lifetime Deals forever, but its a question better asked to the Briefcase HQ Team.

AppSumo Plus is the only available membership program now to get 10% discount on all AppSumo Purchases and costs $99 per year.

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Do you regularly buy tools from AppSumo?

Are you looking to get more discounts, benefits and save more money while shopping on AppSumo?

Then AppSumo Briefcase membership is an excellent choice for you!

Briefcase membership helps Sumolings like you save more money, access more deals, and provide better benefits than AppSumo Plus membership.

It is a no-brainer and in this post I breakdown everything for you.

What is Appsumo Briefcase?

Appsumo Briefcase or BriefcaseHQ is a quarterly membership program by AppSumo that ties up to your AppSumo account.

You get access to a curated selection of top-tier software applications, $196 in AppSumo credits each quarter, and also receive a bunch of other membership perks for $147 paid quarterly.

Appsumo Briefcase Cost

The AppSumo Briefcase Quarterly Plan costs $147 billed quarterly. You can cancel anytime.

Appsumo Briefcase Benefits

briefcase membership benefits appsumo briefcase
AppSumo Briefcase helps you save over 30% in AppSumo Purchases

Following are the benefits of AppSumo Briefcase membership:

  • $196 worth of AppSumo Credits (each quarter)
  • 10% OFF on any AppSumo purchases
  • All the apps from LastCall promotions
  • All Early Access promotions
  • All-access to select deals
  • Featured softwares such as KingSumo Web Pro & Missinglettr

The biggest perk of AppSumo Briefcase is getting $196 worth of AppSumo credits for the price of $147 every quarter and a flat 10% off in AppSumo purchases.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account on
  2. Connect your AppSumo account to Briefcase
  3. Check AppSumo credits under the “my rewards” section.
  4. Use AppSumo credits on your next purchase and also enjoy 10% off on the purchase.

AppSumo Briefcase Tools

AppSumo Briefcase, when originally launched, was popular because it offered multiple Saas tools. However, in the past few years, the app selection has dwindled down from over a dozen apps to only two. Although the two apps listed below are not best reason to get a briefcase membership account, it is still something.

Following are the two apps currently offered to Briefcase members –

KingSumo Web Pro

kingsumo web pro lifetime deal appsumo briefcase

Grow your email list fast by creating viral giveaways on your site. KingSumo is the exact software used by AppSumo to grow their email subscriber list to over 800K + people.

Plan Details

The following are the details of the KingSumo Web Pro plan –

  • Embed on any website—including WordPress, Squarespace, and more
  • Upload your own logo
  • Translation options to translate your giveaway page
  • Integrations with SendFox, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier
  • Export your giveaway entrants into a CSV
  • Facebook Pixel tracking
  • Automatic mid-giveaway and final 24-hour emails to your entrants to get them to share more with their friends
  • Bonus giveaway entries for taking specific actions
  • Easy promotion checklist to promote your giveaway for maximum effectiveness
  • Automatically pick random winners
  • Built-in advanced spam and fraud prevention methods to reduce bots and fake entries to your giveaway


missinglettr lifetime deal appsumo briefcase

Missinglettr creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year. Just review their pre-generated social posts and approve the ones you like.

Plan Details

The following are the details of the Missinglettr plan –

  • 25 social profiles
  • 2 users
  • Create up to 10 campaigns a week per site
  • Invite external people to review your campaigns
  • Start a campaign for old content

How to save up to 30% on AppSumo?

With Briefcase – you start saving money from the day you sign up!

The biggest perk of AppSumo Briefcase is getting $196 worth of AppSumo credits for the price of $147.

Unlike AppSumo Plus which costs $99, with the briefcase membership, there is no membership cost. For $147, you receive $196 in credits and also 10% off your purchase.

I personally buy tools worth around $245 each quarter. I could use $196 credits and pay the rest with cash.

In the following example, I am buying Sendfox Tier 5 which normally costs $245,

appsumo add to cart sendfox briefcase discount appsumo briefcase

Once I put it in my cart, the Briefcase discount of 10% is applied immediately on the cart.

$245 after getting the 10% discount ($24.5) becomes $220.5.

Then I can use the AppSumo credits of $196 and $24 cash to purchase it.

$220.5 = $196 (AppSumo Credits) + $24 cash.

For $245 worth of deal, you could potentially only pay $171 (meaning a savings of 30.20%. Now that is a steal!

The briefcase membership model is designed to make everyone win.

Sumo-lings win because of the benefits and savings. AppSumo wins because of the stability membership revenue brings to the business.

How to Get Started with AppSumo Briefcase?

1. Sign up to AppSumo

Appsumo Home Page
AppSumo is the #1 marketplace for entrepreneurs

Follow the steps below to create a new AppSumo account:

  1. Head over to AppSumo Sign Up page
  2. You can either login with your gmail/gsuite email or enter your email
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on “Create Your Account”
  5. Enter your personal details in the following pages
  6. Verify your email

2. Sign up to Briefcase Membership

Briefcase membership get started
It is easy to get started with Briefcase membership

Follow the steps below to sign up to briefcase:

  1. Head over to Briefcase Sign Up page
  2. You can either login with your gmail/g-suite email or enter your email
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on “Create Your Account”
  5. Enter your personal details in the following pages
  6. Enter payment information
  7. Verify your email

3. Sync AppSumo to Briefcase

Sync Appsumo Account to Briefcase
Syncing your AppSumo account to Briefcase membership is easy. Source: AppSumo

Follow the steps below to sync your AppSumo and Briefcase accounts:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Briefcase account
  2. Then head over to your AppSumo Account page
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the blue “Sync with Briefcase” button
  5. Once your accounts are linked, to access your Chips, head over to the “My Rewards” tile of your AppSumo account

4. Check my AppSumo credits

appsumo my rewards section appsumo credits appsumo briefcase
The rewards section of AppSumo account displays your AppSumo Credits

Follow the steps below to check your Briefcase Chips or AppSumo credits:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Appsumo account
  2. Then head over to your My Rewards and Credits Page
  3. You’ll see all your credits under the My Credits section
  4. You’ll see all your chips under the My Chips section

AppSumo Plus Vs AppSumo Briefcase

Appsumo Plus Features and Benefits
AppSumo Plus costs $99/year and can be canceled any time.

AppSumo Plus is a membership program that offers perks like 10% off deal purchases, access to KingSumo Web Pro, and other surprise benefits!

The following are the benefits of AppSumo Plus –

  • 10% OFF on any AppSumo purchases
  • All the apps from LastCall promotions
  • All Early Access promotions
  • All-access to select deals
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro

When making a purchase with your Plus membership, you’ll automatically receive 10% off the price of the product. The checkout process will be the same as always.

Membership TypeAppSumo PlusBriefcase
Cost$99 per year$147 per quarter
AppSumo Credits0$196
Break-even$1,0291st purchase
Purchase Discount10%up to 30%
Buy Apps from the Last CallYesYes
Early Access PromotionsYesYes
All access to select dealsYesYes
Access to KingSumo Giveaway ProYesYes
Access to Briefcase AppsNoYes
How AppSumo Plus and AppSumo Briefcase stack up against each other

AppSumo Briefcase is a much better deal compared to AppSumo Plus because –

  1. Receive the same benefits as AppSumo Plus
  2. There is no fixed cost of membership unlike $99 for AppSumo Plus
  3. Receive $196 in AppSumo Credits

Check out our complete comparison guide and breakdown of AppSumo Plus Vs AppSumo Briefcase.

Some of you asked for a video – and guess what? I made a full breakdown and comparison videos with frequently asked questions.

AppSumo Briefcase Pros

  • Serious savings – over 30%
  • Same membership perks as AppSumo Plus
  • Does not have a fixed cost unlike AppSumo Plus ($99)

AppSumo Briefcase Cons

  • Limited tools – Only two
  • Cannot use the same email if you cancel the membership
  • Cannot use PayPal
  • Only one level of membership – the quarterly membership
  • Since its membership – it has a recurring subscription model, which might turn off few buyers.

AppSumo Black Friday 2021

appsumo black friday deals

Pssttt. Before we go to the FAQ section, thought I’d share this with you!

AppSumo is bringing back some of AppSumo’s hottest deals ever on Black Friday throughout Cyber Monday from November 21st (5pm CT) – November 30th (noon CT).

If you already did not know – AppSumo is the #1 digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. Black Friday is the best time to get all your AppSumo Deals with best selling apps making a comeback topped with more discounts.

Check out all the AppSumo Black Friday deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Once you sync your AppSumo and Briefcase HQ accounts, you can use the credits immediately.

If you have AppSumo Plus membership or Briefcase membership, when making a purchase, you’ll automatically receive 10% off of the price of the product. The checkout process will be the same as always.

Yes you can refund your existing purchase in AppSumo, sign up to briefcase, sync and activate account and buy it with the credits and discount again.

As of right now, Briefcase can only be purchased with a credit/debit card. This might most possible be because of the recurring subscription model.

AppSumo credits do not have an expiration date or a time limit. The credit works exactly the same way as any other payment method. Most importantly it follows the usual refund conditions of 60 days.

It works the same way for standalone, stackable or Tiered deals. The credits and the discount can be used at checkout.

If you bought your tools on AppSumo using cash or credits then the tools are yours forever. However, if you activate the tools available under Briefcase (KingSumo Web Pro & Missinglettr), then you will lose access to these two tools if you cancel Briefcase.

Due to the subscription nature of the business, there is no refunds on briefcase. However, the credits you have received in AppSumo are yours to utilize and purchase the tools of your choice.

The ability to pause your Briefcase subscription is not currently available.  If you choose to cancel your Briefcase subscription, but want to come back at a later date, you’ll need to create a new Briefcase account using a different email address.

An AppSumo account can only be synced with one Briefcase membership account at one time. If you remove the sync, the AppSumo account can only be re-synced once in 3 months. You would need to create multiple AppSumo and Briefcase membership accounts if you want to utilize the benefits of AppSumo and Briefcase membership multiple times.


If you are just like me who spends anything between $200 – $300 every few months in AppSumo, then AppSumo Briefcase is undoubtedly a great way to save on AppSumo.

When I eventually signed up for Briefcase, I wish I had done it from the beginning – because with over 100 purchases in AppSumo – I could have saved a whole lot more.

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