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As web content is being more saturated day by day, generating content ideas and writing unique, competitive content is a hassle for many content marketers. However, Outranking is one of the best tools for your aid.

If you are looking for AI-powered software that can be your assistant for writing good content that ranks on Google, then Outranking is one of the best options.

Outranking is a web platform that provides AI-based writing assistant and robust SEO features to improve your content research and writing process. This intuitive tool can help you get content ideas, research keywords, analyze keywords, and enhance your website’s SEO performance.

In this post, we will see an in-depth review of Outranking with its features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Outranking Overview

Outranking is a premium, widely-used content automation tool that helps you develop SEO-optimized content with AI and your website’s visibility in search engines. It provides a data-driven approach to content creation, planning, and optimization targeting SEO rankings.

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This advanced AI writing tool is capable of developing well-structured content outlines with appropriate titles and descriptions based on the input content topic ideas. Moreover, it automatically researches information on the web for each outline element.

It not only helps you create quality content with automated writing but also optimizes your pages’ SEO with featured snippets and helps you track the pages’ rank on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. In fact, it’s an AI-powered content production software offering multiple content optimization, strategizing, and marketing features.

Moreover, it ensures the content’s success by analyzing the SEO score and suggesting improvements. Also, it can optimize your old content to improve its quality for boosting higher in Google.

You also get abundant features to perform SEO research within the platform and discover keywords with ranking potential with the content strategy tool.

Furthermore, you can use the tool to specify how high your content ranks within competitor search keywords. The results come in handy for you to revise your current procedures and content to promote your rankings.

Outranking Features

Now that you know the typical workings of Outranking, let us dive into the details of its features. It has a library of features, but in this review, we shall focus on the following.

Outline Generation

Primarily, Outranking is useful for generating outlines for your blog posts. Thus, it automates the research and comes up with detailed outlines in any niche for developing the foundation for your content.

outranking review blog outline generation

Since you can come up with a detailed outline in just seconds, it saves you a lot of time and effort taken for manual research. Also, the outlines are detailed and SEO-optimized so that your post would likely rank for multiple keywords.

It starts off with creating SEO-optimized titles and descriptions automatically for the posts with a single click using AI. You can proceed with the same outline or make corrections based on your needs and align with the search intent.

You can also map related keywords on the headings that you want to include in your content. Besides, there are lots of other options to make your outline more relevant by adding custom keywords, user intent questions, FAQ sections, etc.

AI Wizard

AI Wizard is another significant feature of Outranking. Basically, AI Wizard automatically helps you generate a title, meta description, and breakpoints in lengthy content.

outranking review ai wizard

More to that, it also helps you set the foundation of your content, personalize it, add value, and write substance useful for your audience. You can create new documents or update existing articles. Just enter the topic title, focus keyword, tags, language, and location; the tool does the rest.

As for the rest, the AI wizard will assist with the following things.

  • ‘Write For Me’ – The AI wizard can understand the context of written text and provide suggestions for sentence competitions. It helps you by filling in blank sections and giving context to parts of your article. You can customize what the AI writes for you, in particular, the output length and tone.
  • Paraphrasing – The AI ensures you have new and unique content if you ever need to reuse old content or take inspiration from published posts. You need to type in your text and the AI will paraphrase it pretty much right away.
  • Extracting Statistics – It helps you obtain broad statistics about a specific topic from a bunch of raw text or a paragraph. You can even convey unstructured text to the AI and apply it to extract vital facts that can help you generate accurate statistics for your SEO articles instantly.

Content Research

Outranking can help you conduct keyword and content research like conducting SEO research on Google. In fact, Outranking makes it even easier to conduct research as it can answer your research queries in written text.

For example, if you search for ‘Best WordPress website builder’ the tool will give you precise information on the best website builder based on popular search rather than matching results in reference to your search term.

Not only that, but it also shows you the top 20 articles that presently rank in the search engine. You can view the content length, tone, keyword density, and such data in the dashboard after you have entered your preferred phrase or keyword.


It helps you by auto-collecting content and translating them as requested by learning systems. You can translate your existing text or write new lines and convert them as you wish.

Outranking’s AI uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the context and requirements to modify content. You can get greater translation output by vaguely feeding the AI with information instead of writing 100 words together for conversion.

Plus, you can translate your text into 50 languages simply by using the command feature.


The question feature shows you the most prevalent questions users search on google. This includes related keyword questions.

Despite that, you may use the tool separately for your independent research. You may even use this tool when you create your article within the content builder and editor.

You can add questions to use them as subheadings such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Keyword Gap

With the help of the Keyword Gap, you can analyze your competition. For instance, you can use this tool to compare your domain with that of your competitors.

The tool can correlate both domains. It can show you which articles and keywords in your domain are old data and might not be ranking for, but your competitor domain does.

Similarly, you can see the contrast in traffic for the same articles and keywords you and your competitors are ranking for.

SEO Score

After you have created or written content, you can evaluate them using the SEO score feature. Outranking scores your content on the basis of overall information and statistics from the top 20 websites on SERPs.

It checks whether your title, meta description, headings, or sections are lacking in structure or have any other errors. Mostly, a score over 85 is considered good and implies that your content has a better chance of ranking on the SERPs.

outranking review seo score for on page optimization

Usually, involving more keywords drives your SEO score higher. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes sticking to the score damages the flow and readability of content. Hence, you must keep your content authentic and natural-sounding. Because you are writing for your readers and not just the search engines.

You can check your context by refreshing as you write to update your SEO score and at the same time monitor the progress.

SERP Analysis

SERP analysis allows you to optimize your content using the target keywords you choose to rank for. With Outranking’s analysis tool, you can conduct a SERP inquiry smoothly which shows you the SERP overview, URL and metadata, keyword info, questions, etc.

outranking review serp analysis data

You can type in the keywords, then select the language and region you want to target. The tool will show you relevant meta descriptions, URLs, and meta titles. You will also receive highly applicable information about top-ranking pages on SERPs, and their content length, domain authority, and backlinks in the same dashboard.

Another Outranking SERP analysis attribute is keyword heatmap. It will show how frequently each keyword has been used in every section. And there is a color index representing the most important, strongly suggested, and opportunity keywords by blue, green, and gold respectively.

Outranking Pricing

Outranking is a premium tool that offers different packages you can select according to your needs.

outranking review pricing and plans

The pricing starts at $79 per month for solo users, to $219 per month for an organization package. AI assistance is available in all the packages. However, you’ll have higher limits to the various AI tools in higher-premium plans.

Following are the pricing and plans in detail.

Solo: $79 per month | One domain | Optimize 10 documents | 200 AI-powered keywords | No keywords tracking | No additional team member

Pro: $149 per month | Multiple domains | Optimize 20 documents | 500 AI-powered keywords | Track 50 keywords | +1 team member

Company: $219 per month | Multiple domains | 30 SEO documents | 1000 AI-powered keywords | Track 100 keywords | +2 team member

Pros and Cons of Outranking

Overall, let us also look at some pros and cons of Outranking to understand its powerful features as well as some shortcomings.


  • Easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Advanced GPT-3 AI-based writing software
  • Step-by-step guide on content optimization
  • Thorough SERP analysis
  • Radical topic clustering
  • 40+ on-page SEO optimization factors
  • Affordable pricing for users of any size
  • Dedicated support team


  • An overwhelming plethora of features
  • Solo Plan provides limited AI content
  • Outdated documentation

Alternatives of Outranking

Now, here are some tools similar to Outranking.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis) is an impressive copywriting tool that uses machine learning and AI technology to assist you in writing web articles, social media posts and campaigns, marketing emails, and high-converting ad copies. Write or test copy variations efficiently to boost your sales, and traffic and improve your content SEO rank.

Moreover, it provides 40+ different kinds of templates so beginners, as well as users facing writer’s block, can easily and swiftly create engaging content. Plus, those templates and new content can be translated into 24+ languages.

However, Jarvis has a more steep learning curve than Outranking. Besides, lacking strong SERPs analysis is what puts Jarvis behind Outranking.


Unlike Outranking, Frase is an affordable writing assistant to Outranking that helps you create SEO-optimized content. You can research keywords and topics, generate content outlines, and use AI to form new as well as edit existing content.

It can save the precious time that you would otherwise spend on content research since it uses natural language processing and advanced machine learning tech to interpret, understand, and learn web content. Although, as per several user reviews, Frase’s keyword search accuracy is not as good as Outranking’s.

Likewise, regarding subscription price, you can begin with the Solo plan which costs $14.99 per month.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is another on-page SEO optimization tool designed to aid you in creating SEO content and optimizing existing content for better visibility and ranking. It provides data-driven SEO analysis to rank higher on the SERPs and takes 500+ metrics into account to examine your content.

What’s more, Surfer SEO offers the Surfer Keyword extension that you can install on your Chrome browser. You can use this to research on the spot without having to open complex tools and see the new organic topic to include in your content. Yet, it fails to supply precise keyword data and low-volume keywords as compared to Outranking and other SEO tools.


To conclude, Outranking is a helpful tool for users who want to advance their blogs, articles, or online businesses through organic and paid visibility. To increase website traffic and earnings, it aids you in elevating your site up the SERPs for relevant and applicable searches. With this tool, you can form AI-suggested outlines for new subjects and better organize your old-written materials according to SEO guidelines.

It provides keywords for content topics and offers deep SERP factors so you can create top-notch content for higher SERP ranking potential. Also, it shows where your competitor search keywords line up with you and use the results to adjust your present strategies to improve your placements.

Hence, if you are an influencer or blogger, or a businessman looking for promoting your business on search engines then you should undoubtedly get Outranking as your partner.

Outranking FAQs

Outranking is usually used for creating SEO-optimized content, ranking your existing content higher on search engines, and extensive keyword research with the help of advanced AI.

Outranking previously offered free plan. But presently, you can start using Outranking with the lowest of $79/month to Write + Optimize 10 Articles, unlimited AI content customization, and many more.

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