Edit Page

Next up, we will see how you can edit pages in WordPress.

Editing pages in WordPress is pretty simple. If you are familiar with creating a page in WordPress, then editing the page is pretty much a similar process.

Following are the steps to edit a WordPress page.

Go to All Pages #

At first, go to Pages > All Pages from the admin panel.

access all wordpress pages
access all WordPress Pages

Here you’ll see all the pages you have on your website. When you hover over the page title, you’ll find links for various operations.

Click on the Edit Link #

Now, click on the Edit link below it.

click edit on wordpress page
click edit on WordPress Page

After doing that, it will open the page in Gutenberg page editor.

gutenberg page builder interface wordpress page
Gutenberg page builder interface WordPress Page

Edit the Page #

Now, you can make changes on the page as you want.

You can edit the previously existing blocks, elements, or add new content. Also, you can change page settings, update publishing schedules, and even switch the page to draft.

Update the Page #

After you have done editing the page, click on the Update button to save changes.

update wordpress page
Click Update on the WordPress Page after changes are made