Delete Tags

Deleting a tag is easy and similar to that of deleting a category – it can be accomplished with a few clicks.

Go to Posts > Tags #

First, go to the page containing the tags i.e. Posts > Tags.

After that, hover over the tags and click on the Delete link you see under it.

click on delete wordpress posts tags
Click on Delete WordPress Posts Tags

Doing so, a dialog box will appear asking for confirmation for the deletion of the tag. Just click on OK to delete.

delete confirmation pop up wordpress posts tags
Delete confirmation pop up WordPress Posts Tags

If you want to stop the delete, then click on Cancel.

Deleting Tags in Bulk #

Now, you can also delete multiple tags at once easily. This would be useful if you have lots of unwanted tags to delete.

WordPress offers the Bulk Action feature with which you can select multiple tags and delete them at once.

To select the tags to delete, you just need to click on the checkboxes you see before their names. Then, click on the Bulk actions dropdown and select the Delete option. And then, click on Apply.

bulk delete wordpress posts tags
Bulk Delete WordPress Posts Tags

After that, it will display an alert confirming the delete process is completed.

deleted notification wordpress posts tags
Deleted Notification WordPress Posts Tags