Add Category

WordPress allows grouping similar types of blog posts in sections called WordPress Categories.

You can create unlimited categories and sub-categories in WordPress and assign every blog post to the appropriate categories. This makes it easier for website authors & admins to manage the posts and for users to understand what the post is related to.

Moreover, categories also play an important role in SEO if you know how to use them properly.

Now, let’s see the process of creating categories in WordPress.

Go to Posts > Categories #

At first, go to your admin area and then, go to Posts > Categories.

access wordpress posts categories
Access WordPress Posts Categories

On the next page, it will have the option to create new categories on the left side. Moreover, the existing categories are displayed on the right. Also, there is a search bar to find a category by its name or keyword.

On the categories list, you’ll see a category – ‘Uncategorized’ already there. It is the default WordPress category that will be selected for the blog posts that are not assigned a custom category.

wordpress posts category dashboard
WordPress Posts Category Dashboard

Fill the Category Information #

Now, to add a category, you’ll have to fill in some information.

  • Name – Enter the name of the category here.
  • Slug – Create a URL slug (extension) for the category.
  • Parent Category – If you’re creating a sub-category, then select its parent category. If not, then leave it.
  • Description – If you want, then add some information about the category.

Save the Category #

After that, you can click on the Add New Category button.

Now, the newly added category will be added to the categories list.

adding a category wordpress category
Adding a WordPress Posts Category

In the above screenshot, we have added some categories. Also, we are adding a new sub-category filling up the fields.

Add Category to Blog Posts #

Now, let’s try adding the new categories to the blog posts.

Categories can be added to a new post or an existing post. Also, there are two ways to do it –

1. Add a Category using Post Editor #

While creating or editing posts, you can simply add categories to under the Post settings.

So, add a new post or edit an existing post that you want to add a category to. For now, let’s create a new post and add a matching category to it.

For that, go to Posts > Add New from the admin dashboard.

go to add new post wordpress posts categories
Go to Add New post WordPress Posts Categories

This will open the Gutenberg interface to add content for the post.

Anyway, on the right sidebar under Post, you can see the ‘Categories’ option.

click on categories on gutenberg interface
Click on Categories on Gutenberg interface

Click on it and then, select the proper category for the post. You can select multiple categories as well if that fits.

select post category inside wordpress gutenberg editor
select post category inside WordPress Gutenberg Editor

After that, click on Save Draft or Publish to save or publish the post respectively.

2. Add a Category using Quick Edit Option #

This option makes it easy and quick to assign categories to pre-existing posts on the All Posts page.

For that, go to Posts > All Posts to see all the available posts. After that, hover over the post and click on Quick Edit.

click on quick edit wordpress posts categories
Click on Quick Edit WordPress Posts Categories

It will open the editing option on the same page. Under Categories, select the category for the post by checking the box.

By default, the category is set ‘Uncategorized’. Uncheck it if you want.

After that, click on the Update button to save the changes.

choose category inside the posts quick edit dashboard
Choose Categories inside the Posts Quick Edit Dashboard