Login to WordPress

WordPress offers all the available settings and management options through its admin area (dashboard). To access them, you need to be logged in to the website.

WordPress login page #

By default, the WordPress login page link is – your website URL + ‘/wp-login.php’.

If your website URL is example.com, then you can get the website backend login page by typing

  • example.com/wp-login.php

Similarly, for our local website, the dashboard login URL will be

  • localhost/testwebsite/wp-login.php

Enter username and password #

After you get to the login page, enter your login credentials – username and password. These credentials are set up during WordPress installation.

After that, click on the Log In button.

local drive remember me login to wordpress
login to wordpress

Also, you can use the Remember Me option before signing in if you want to save your login credentials. This will keep you logged in for 14 days.

local drive remember me login to wordpress
Select remember me to login automatically for 14 days

In addition, there are other ways to save your login credentials like by saving them on the browser.

Saving your login page URL #

For beginners, it might be difficult to remember the login URL, there are a few ways to save the login URL.

URL bookmark #

Bookmark is a feature offered by browsers to save a web page’s URL. This will remember and save the login page URL on the browser’s bookmark bar.

So, bookmark your page when you’re on the login page. The process is quite similar on all browsers.

For example, if you’re on Chrome, then go to Bookmarks > Bookmark this tab or press ‘Ctrl + D’.

Adding login page link to the menu #

Adding a custom link to the menu is possible on WordPress. So, you can create a login menu option with the website’s login link.

However, if your website has important data, it’s not recommended. It’s because this makes it easier for hackers to spot the gateway to your website’s backend.

Anyway, we’ll learn to add custom links to a WordPress website’s menu later on in the WordPress Appearance chapter.

Adding login link to footer #

Similarly, you can use the WordPress widget ‘Meta’ to add the login link to the WordPress footer.

In fact, it can be added the Meta widget to any widget-ready area supported by your theme. Some common places are the sidebar and footer.

We’ll also learn about widgets in the WordPress Appearance chapter.